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collected all our forces with determination, we may prepare for
battle and advance (upon the enemy),'1 Then he sent Da[at3y
Girappa* Nayaka and Pavada Nayaka of JamadarUwna^ to
Alii Yadula Saha Padusaha with the ; following} message :—
" Ever since your boyhood you acquired tlie r>rivilegfc of
being called our son. You came to us in your t.iider years,
and sitting in our lap you played. \Ve coaxed you and
brought you up. You have now undertaken to perform
an evil deed. It is not proper tliat jon should joiii the
three Mussalmans and attack us. We gave yir.i projection,
and conferred on you the three districts nf Mnck'JiI- liiicur
and idavaiu for defraying your TV.ilk and 1'»n*tiir expenses.
It is not good that you should join them a^d march upon us.
May you be prosperous in the future/'
All! Yadula Saha Padulaha sent the following reply to this
"I have not joined them williiigly. Having forcibly
entered my kingdom, they ruined it. There are extensive
mountainous tracts in my dominions covered with jungles.
They levelled down the hills, aiid having cn;>tr acted roads wide
enough to enable their cavalry to march .without difficulty)
they entered my kingdom with violence, I have done nothing
(to encourage them). I have in tliis tashior* give*; you my heart,
for having sat on your lap and acquired the honour of being
called your son. I have done nothing contrary to this, and
will not break my plighted word* Do not be vexed with me j
I am (really) on your side; I am obliged to come here with
my army by the force of circumstances aiid not willingly."
Having given this reply, he sent away the envoys with a
few words suitable to the occasion.^
* Veerapa.—/. 0. M.t p. 202.
t Tkt ccBaeo:ioii of KrvSfla Klyala with Jax&dtirkfflna i* act mentioned j& the
/. 0. X*
% ' He alsi at ta« same time gave Lim some secret messAg*; to be coauauaieatf*ri
to Kftoia Kavalw alone and then dijmi^red tlieja with ad«quat« pre*eni§/—/.£.4f.f y. S03»